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Help Your Child Nurture their Health and Fitness with Kid Fit 360

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At Kid Fit 360, we want kids to love running, jumping, and playing. You know that the overall health and happiness of your kids not only come from physical activity but from creating healthy habits. Kid Fit 360 teaches young children about good, overall health that they can use throughout their entire lives.

Physical Education vs. Fitness Education

Jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups: That’s what we think about when we say physical education. Yes, strong muscles are important, but that’s not enough.

At Kid Fit 360, we stress Fitness Education. We believe that true fitness comes from a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy spirit. Each one nurtures the other. You want your child to have a balanced, all-encompassing, 360-degree healthy lifestyle. That’s why we created Kid Fit 360.

Studies show that children who get a head start on living a healthy lifestyle end up earning more as adults than children whose health habits are not clearly established.

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Why Kid Fit 360?

A healthy body supports a healthy mind, and that a healthy mind supports a healthy body. We want kids to know that running around, having fun and getting active are just as important as being able to talk about how they feel inside.

That’s what makes Kid Fit 360 different.

Our fitness program is a true 360-degree approach to the health and well-being of your child. Yes, we stress physical training of the muscle groups. But at Kid Fit 360, we also encourage eating a wholesome diet,nurturing the mind and spirit through yoga training, team-building skills, and of course, play. Lots of play.

The trainers at Kid Fit 360 follow a S.T.R.O.N.G policy that was designed around making sure kids have a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


Self Motivated

Being mentally prepared for anything in life is the first step. Kid Fit’s trainers have a drive to inspire each child they come in contact with and to make a lifelong impression.



Every trainer needs to be knowledgeable, inspiring, and encouraging to every child, laying the foundation while giving the tools to succeed.



Every Kid Fit 360 specialist must understand the objective of Fitness Education so that every child will feel engaged in the process of achieving good health and that it is not just something that happens to them.



Kid Fit 360 centers itself on maintaining a positive outlook to achieve optimal results.



Kid Fit trainers must understand the balance of nurturing and letting a child explore on their own to ensure proper development throughout the program.


Good Example

Character speaks volumes. Kid Fit 360’s trainers must do what is right no matter who is around.

You can feel good about putting your child in the hands of Kid Fit trainers. Armed with the knowledge to make a child's time with Kid Fit 360 a blast, our trainers are devoted to teaching every child how to live an all-around healthy lifestyle that is the key to a successful, happy, and prosperous life as an adult.

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Kid Fit 360 Fitness Education

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