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The Founders

The Creative Minds


LeKyra K. Brown is a certified personal trainer. She earned her bachelor's degree from Georgia Southern University in Kinesiology. With addition to her degree, she is also a certified nutritionist and yoga teacher.

As a Yogi and Fitness Expert, LeKyra strives for the young and edlerly to always be at optimal performance by not just working physically but mentally to bridge the gap between the muscle and mind connection. 

With over 10 years experience, LeKyra's specialty is children's health and behavior, elder restoration, athletics/human performance, nutrition, weight management, and Lifestyle Mind-Body Fitness. LeKyra is owner of LKB Training and Co-owner of Kid Fitness 360.

“Shaping the footprints of the generation that left them and guiding the feet to follow them is truly bringing fitness full circle.”- LeKyra K. Brown 


Marcus C. Brown is a certified financial education instructor. Alongside with earning his degree in Finance from Georgia Southern University, he is a registered notary public, licensed life insurance agent, life coach, investor, and teacher. 

As an educator and finance professional, Marcus has an untraditional approach to teaching math and history by incorporating practical financial and business principles that can be used outside the classroom. The passion to give the next generation the tools they need to succeed in business, finance, and life,  Marcus specializes in youth’s personal development, entrepreneurship, and financial planning. 

With 10 years of experience, Marcus has helped families and children reach their goals in the classroom, business, and financially. The goal is to not make a million dollars but to change a million lives. As an everyday educator, Marcus strives to reach one and teach one.

“The path is left dark without bright minds to show the way for the next generation. Being the jolt in a young mind will keep the world from ever going dim.” -Marcus C. Brown 

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