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5 Ways How to Get your Children Physically Active

With an increase in the technology world and various gadgets available, kids have become much inactive and sluggish. It has been researched that 28% of American children are not active from age 6 and over, and almost one-third of high-school students play computer or video games for more than 3 hours on non-weekdays. The recommended time for children exercising being at least 60 minutes a day of vigorous physical activity. It has become crucial for parents and schools to arrange activities for kid exercises to help them stay fit physically as well as mentally.

There are various methods that parents can adopt to stop their kids from watching hours of television or playing console games that would help them stay out of their couch and get moving. Adding a few minutes of regular exercise that can be increased gradually can keep them stay active. Kids exercises can help them have:

Stronger bones and muscles

  • Abstain obesity

  • Reduce the chance of diabetes in kids

  • Normal blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels

  • Gain confidence

  • A better outlook on life

If you work on these simple strategies, you can make your children exercising in no time.

Limit screen time

It is a great role of parents to set screen timings for their kids, significantly if they are hindering other activities. Limit their timing and keep a check to get some involvement of activity that will help them physically as well. Small kids under the age of 6 can be totally controlled, but you can talk to your older or teen kids about the adverse effects of using hours of the screen that will leave on their health. But if your kids are technology-addicted zombies, you should establish some serious rules to overcome the situation.

As long as they use technology for educational purposes, timings can be relaxed, but screens should be kept off during homework and mealtimes. Make sure to come to a decision with them, or they may turn rebellious.

Indoor activities

You can start making your children exercising while still staying at home and using technology! Teach them positive methods of using their gadgets. There are many kids and on the internet that can help you and your children be active while staying

at home. Join them and increase your interaction with your kids. You can also play some music and make workout

time a fun time.

It is essential to indulge in activities that kids enjoy. Don’t force them to do what they do not adore doing it.

Group Activities

One way of keeping kids engaged physically is making them join group activities like gymnastics, karate, tug-of-war, or simply running.

Consider finding organized or unorganized activities with other families or friends. Try joining a youth football or t-ball team or making neighborhood children play together for at least an hour.

Include age-appropriate activities

Whether you plan indoor or outdoor activities, make sure they are age-appropriate, or kids can become frustrated. Small kids can be included in jumping and running kid exercises, while older children can get bored. Older kids can join aerobic or dance classes with their friends or other outdoor games that may still involve technology like Pokemon Go, Geocaching, Star War, etc.


Remember that parents are role models for their children, and to keep your kids exercising, you must limit your use of technology and get into physical events before instructing your kids to do so. Follow the same rules are you want them to, and it will help you have a lovely family bond and time together.

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