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The 360 Difference

What make Kid Fit 360 special?


Muscle mind connection

Life skills

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Yoga Class

Muscle and Mind Connection

The key in making a lasting difference is the connection of the physcial body, emotions, and the mental bridge of the two. Kid Fitness 360 focuses on establingshing these habits through the introduction of Yoga. Along side with the other key component of the curruclum that brings body awareness, yoga bridges the physical body with the emotions to make a lasting muscle mind connection.

Life skills

Fitness Education is the process of a healthy lifestyle. Physical Education is the product of a healthy lifestyle. We focus on the overall healthy lifestyle and not just the physical side. The life skills taught through the Kid Fit 360 program will create the thought process that it takes to sustain all around fitness.

School Kids
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Girls in a Sports Practice

The Trainer

Kid Fitness 360 ensures each trainer is an expert in children development and fitness education. Each trainer is held to Kid Fit 360’s S.T.R.O.N.G. Policy standards. 

Being mentally prepared for anything in life is the first step. Kid Fit’s trainers have a drive to inspire each child they come in contact with to make a lifelong impression. 
Character speaks volume, so Kid Fit 360’s trainers must do what is right no matter who is around. A truly healthy lifestyle is about every little decision.
Every Kid Fit 360 specialist must understand the objective of Fitness Education so every child can not be a product but a part of the process of overall health.
Attitude determines Altitude. Kid Fit 360 centers itself on maintaining a positive outlook to achieve optimal results.
Nature vs Nature. Kid Fit Trainers must understand the balance of the two to ensure proper children development throughout the program.
Good Example
Children are the future. Every trainer is required to be knowledgeable, inspiring, and encouraging to every child. Laying the foundation while giving the tools to succeed will make the building process down the road a lot easier

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