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Kids with Capes

Physical Education vs. Fitness Education

Physical Education

Teaches body management, improves physical strength, and helps develop motor skills. A solid physical education background can promote habits that can transition to a regular physically active lifestyle as an adult.

Fitness Education

Teaches the physical body can only go so far as the mind allows. A proper fitness education focuses on the habitual aspect of creating an all-around healthy lifestyle.

The Difference

Physical Education focuses on the physical aspect when a truly healthy lifestyle is so much more. Kid Fit 360 focuses on Fitness education which goes beyond the realm of just the physical body but dives into muscle and mind connection to develop habits that come full circle in their adulthood

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Kid Fitness 360 Curriculum

Kid Fit 360’s curriculum is endorsed by Children and Fitness Specialist, Lekyra Brown BS. CPT. CYT. CSN. to ensure the program is engaging, informative, and sustainable for an all around fitness experience. During the 360 fitness experience, the children will learn coping exercises, patience, teamwork, and the value of healthy consumption. The 35-40 minute weekly classes will develop habitual all around fitness skills to last a lifetime.

Children in Yoga Class


Yoga is a resource to help children with coping with their emotions. The introduction to yoga helps children to connect the body with the emotion they feel through stretching, breathe, and movement.


Studies show that kids learn the most effective through play. Kid Fitness 360 introduces these vital motor skills through a sports-based activity. Gross motor skills help the child with the large movements such as running, hopping, skipping, throwing, lifting, kicking, and balance coordination.

Happy Jumps
Kids Running


Collaboration has proven to be a key skill that children and adults will need in all aspects of life. To help promote team building skills we introduce non-competitive, partner-based strength building activites. This unique style of collaboration will give a child the foundation in relationship building, social skills, and communication.


We teach children to identify the major muscles in their body, and the importance of those muscles in every-day life.

Kid's Playing Outdoor
Kids in Vegetable Farm


The first defense against disease is what you consume on a everyday basis. We teach children the value of drinking water, proper eating habits, and trying new, healthy foods through Nutrition Talk Time.

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Why choose the Kid Fit 360 experience?

Stepping Stones to Milestones

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